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I am Sjattuh (not my real name) SjatZ Born in 1979 in The Netherlands. Presently I am living with my spouse in Southern Turkey. We both love pets and as a result we have quite the clowder. I have several hobbies, but sticking out above them with head and shoulders is mankind’s history.

Two other hobbies I am extremely passionate about are education and language. Education. whether obtained, through traditional means by going to (public or private) school, auto-didact knowledge enrichment by one’s own research, simple – and privileged to mankind alone – conversation, it does not matter to me how it is administered. Both provided or received – I enjoy it either way.

Last but not least – Language. Words we created ourselves and which are nothing more than softly, blown air from our vocal cords. Yet, hinged together properly, at the right time, they can form a weapon; one stronger than the strongest folded steel sword.

Without words no language. Without words no education. Without words no documented historie.

What an honour it shall be if you enjoy my silent labour. How entitled it would be if you learn something.

I am the owner, creator, webmaster and researcher of this website. I have created this website to still the vampiric hunger for my three greatest passions in life.

Enjoy, and as always:

Stay Tuned.

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Post above Creation date: 03.05.2019

The SjatZ’s – a Family of Time Travellers

Mother and WifeSidsel SjatZthe "d" is silent
SonSem SjatZ
DaughterZuzanna SjatZPronounced "Susanna"
(Grand)Mother and wifeSairah SjatZOne who travels
(Grand)Father and husbandSani SjatZThe old one
Dog, maleSeamus SjatZ
Cat, femaleSasha SjatZShort for Alexandra
Father and HusbandSjattuh SjatZNarrator

An ordinary family in every aspect, save one. The SjatZ’s lineage is unclear. No one knows when exactly they where born and lived. However, tales of their adventures can be found in every age of modern and ancient men. Living in fear during many wars, the very first to the very last. Helping leaders of great nations make vital decision that shall shape the world and it’s history. Living as regulars in the Egyptian empire. Travelling as former slaves in the horde of Spartacus’ defiance to the ruling oligarchy. Accounts of the SjatZ’s lives can even be found amongst the ruins of lost civilisations like the Aztecs.

As you can see, they lived during all ages of men. Through their eyes, at the end of each article, we shall relive the discussed period of time.

The SjatZ’s

Stay Tuned.

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To heed direction, knowledge of origin stands first.

If you went to school while growing up you have been taught about History. In my case, Caucasian from Western-Europe, historical education spiraled mostly along events of the past with roots in Western-Europe. The Romans being imminently present year after year. Slave trade and apartheid, as my ancestors being the founding fathers of this questionable profession. The Great War was discussed and explained, but World War II we studied deeply and profoundly year after passing year. The many wars, often battled for insignificant motivations, between France and England during the Medieval era. Some of the famous stories conjured by the great of yor’, with Shakespeare leading the herd. Even minor detours to less significant parts of the world, as such viewed by my Western-European curriculum, with Genghis Khan’s empire being the most prominent. To conclude this journey of selective need we ended in the middle with the great Homer’ fabled song of Ilion. A grande tale of epic heroism and mournful end.

World Map
Map of the World

Important tales of the past for all, but more so for me. Being born and raised on the very ground past transgressions took place. Travelling the world I quickly learned the historical exposure differs from place to place, country to country, even continent to continent. While in the United States of America the civil war proofs bountiful for education, in China the focus shifts much to the Ming Dynasty. Both barely mentioned during my educational upbringing, but not more than mentioned, as mentioned. Thus I was prepared for adulthood with limited knowledge about certain historical events, not bearing much weight in my surroundings. While at the same time I possessed a ridicules amount of knowledge about other historical events, bearing much weight in my surroundings.

I could only imagine it being reversed for my peers who found themselves attending education far away from me. This is why I work on this website. A website filled with Historical facts compassing the entire globe. No geographical discrimination. Hence the continental segregation. The continents plus the Middle-East, who due to the sheer quantity of occurrences deserves a private spot.

If moved you are, you the reader, please comment as desired. Let you find joy, education, and eventually, revelation.

Stay Tuned.

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