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In this post we shall go deeper into the warring parties and provide more detail. We shall discuss who they where, why they fought on the side they did, and the consequence of their choices and actions.

The two parties going to war during the civil war were The Union (represented by the Northern states of North America) and The Confederacy (represented by the Southern states of North America). The reasons for each individual soldier to pick up arms, and go to war, varied greatly from person to person. Despite this the war is known for being fought to put an end to slavery, and it eventually did.

However, slavery became a catalyst between the warring parties. It didn’t start the war, for either side.

To give a clear, quick, and easy overview of the two sides you can click the map below. It is the same map as shown on the main post’s page of this Historical Article.

The Union:

The Union Soldiers going to battle. Reenactment photo.
The Union Soldiers – Reenactment photo

The North went to war after (some) of the Southern States seceded. By seceding the Southern states basically formed their own country and left the, very young, United Stated of America. The North considered this close to treason. They felt the South had no legal right to secede, not without permission from the North. During the early days of the war the North was on the losing side. Once it seemed they were going to lose the war, as well as their support, they shifted focus to slavery. By the promise of ending slavery, and this being the new focus of The Union, they were able to rally new support for their cause: Winning this Civil War.

The North and its troops originally fought because they felt the South had no legal right to secede from the Union and was close to treason. As it seemed that the North might lose the war as well as support, ending slavery became the new focus of the war, rallying new support for the North.

The Confederacy:

The Confederacy Soldiers – Reenactment Photo

The South and its soldiers fought for state rights and to defend themselves from the North, but soon the point of slavery became a factor in the South as well, even before it became a rally cry in the North.

The two sides that fought the war used the term constantly. War. War as a catalyst for young men to pick up arms. War as a motivation for the rich to make donations. War as a word used to each get what they were after.

Though a Declaration of War was never issued by Congress.

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